A response from Barack Obama's brother-in-law

Konrad Ng, husband of Barack Obama's half-sister Maya and Burlington, Ontario resident, sent us this message...  (thanks to Brian Graham for contacting him on our behalf!)

"Hi Brian and Anna,

I'm sorry for my delayed reply - it has been a busy few weeks for me.

Thank you for sharing the Obama Song.  Maya and I watched the work and thought that it showed terrific initiative and talent from your students - great stuff.  We have no plans to see our family in the near future so I suggest that you contact the WH directly about your project. 
Alternatively, you may want to contact the Canadian Embassy in DC and inquire about other ways to communicate with the WH about your work.

Thanks again for sharing the song.
Warm regards and keep up the great work,


Ngozi Paul, executive producer, writer, and lead actor on DA KINK IN MY HAIR, met with some members of the W2W Crew today and shed some tears as she watched their video. Join Ngozi and support the W2W Crew in their attempt to have Barack Obama hear their song.